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Device Management Profile


The profile for configuring web clips on the device.

Create a webClip



iOS 7.0+

macOS 10.15+


Specify as the payload type.

Use this payload to add web clips to the Home screen of the user’s iOS device or to the Dock on a Mac. Web clips provide fast access to favorite webpages.

For iOS devices, if you prevent the user from removing the web clip, the only way to remove it is to remove the configuration profile that installed it. Also, for iOS devices it must have a display name and an icon URL for the payload to be valid.

A full-screen web clip on iOS devices opens the URL as a web app without a browser (there’s no URL or search bar, and no bookmarks).

For Shared iPad devices, this payload is supported on the user channel only.

Profile Availability

Device Channel


User Channel

macOS, Shared iPad

Allow Manual Install

iOS, macOS

Requires Supervision


Requires User Approved MDM


Allowed in User Enrollment

iOS, macOS

Allow Multiple Payloads

iOS, macOS, Shared iPad

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